Why Hotels Are the Best Accommodation

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When planning a vacation, one of the most important things to think about is where to stay. These days, between renting someone’s private space, picking a hotel, or staying with family, there are so many options. These are the reasons you should choose to stay in a hotel on your next trip.

You’ll Have More Privacy

For one, hotels also mean more privacy than staying in a short term rental or with family. You’ll have your own private space well away from staff. It’s easier to feel more comfortable and relaxed when your hosts aren’t in the next room. The rooms in Embassy Suites Charleston SC are a great example. This is different from short-term rentals. Many times these rentals require the host to be on site, or you may be in a bedroom right down the hall, without even a private bathroom. Staying with family or friends can offer many of the same challenges.

Hotels are More Romantic

Privacy is among the reasons hotels are simply more romantic than short term rentals or staying with family. Hotels typically offer special accommodations for honeymooners or those on romantic getaways. Suites with large jacuzzi bathtubs and luxurious king sized beds are one reason. Hotels also offer amenities like spas. Couples massages can be very romantic. Not to mention, at the pool is another great way to add some romance to your trip. Embassy Suites Charleston SC is a great example. The city and the hotel are both full of historic romance.

Location, Location, Location

Aside from romance, hotels are often easier to find right in the city center. If you’re traveling for a conference or to explore an urban area, staying in a hotel can put you right in the middle of the action. Short-term rentals are more likely to be in more suburban areas, especially if you’re renting an entire house. This fact alone can save you from having to worry about transportation. You’re more likely to be within walking distance of most stops on your itinerary if you’re in the city center. Plus, you won’t have to worry about paying for or finding parking. These alone are quite a cost savings.

Hotels Have Better Amenities

Aside from location, hotels also offer better amenities than short-term rentals. Spas and pools were briefly mentioned. Great views are another hotel perk. It can be hard to find a seaside short-term rental, but you’ll have the option of a great balcony view if you stay in a beachfront hotel. Resort style hotels also have great amenities like golf courses and waterslides, in addition to pools and hot tubs. Stay in a resort hotel and you can have an amazing experience without ever having to leave the property. Eat, drink and play all at the resort.

You Won’t Ever Overstay Your Welcome

Another great reason to choose a hotel is you won’t ever overstay your welcome. Staying with family can be challenging. You sometimes don’t know how long of a stay. With a hotel, you can feel comfortable knowing that the staff want you there for the full length of your visit. Hotel staff won’t be wishing you were leaving when you’re only a couple of days in. Though family wants you to visit, it can be hard to enjoy your trip if you’re feeling like you’re an extra burden. Families have other responsibilities, like work and chores to attend to. At a hotel, it is the staff’s job to make sure you’re having the perfect trip.

You Can Earn Perks

Another great reason to choose a hotel are the perks. Hotels offer points programs and allow you to earn points to stay. Short-term rentals do not offer this benefit. Staying with family may offer some perks, but you won’t earn points or added benefits with your credit card.

No matter where you’re going, a hotel should be your choice when choosing where to stay. 


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