What is luxury travel in 2022? The experts look at how the industry is evolving

Juliet Kinsman

Author and sustainable luxury travel expert

What are luxury travellers seeking at this time? 

People are going away for longer and investing more in travel. They want really high-quality experiences like safaris and more adventurous trips booked through tour operators. People would be much more casual about their plans in the past, but now they’re investing in proper tour operators because if they have to adjust their plans, they want to know someone has their back. 

What specifications are they requesting?

Wellness and wellbeing experiences that stray from your normal boring massage in the spa. People are becoming much more open and adventurous to things like a shamanic ritual. There are a lot of nature-based wellness experiences, which I’m loving hearing about and seeing. People are valuing slowing down and connecting with nature.

What tours and destinations are popular?

Destinations that need tourism support. Rather than going to the obvious places, people are seeking out less populated areas so they know their money can go to more remote communities that need it — and they have a more authentic experience. For example, Bhutan or Romania. 

Are people approaching trips in a more ‘conscious’ or holistic way?

Yes, people aren’t buying these generic package holidays, but they’re taking time to really think about every link in their entire itinerary. Perhaps seeking out activities where they can give back, whether funding a conservation initiative or a social enterprise that benefits indigenous people. 

Juliet Kinsman is author of The Bucket List Eco Experiences: Traveling the World, Sustaining the Earth, published by Rizzoli.  

Published in the 2022 edition of National Geographic Traveller (UK) The Luxury Collection

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