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How to choose your next Golf Holiday destination

Many people will tell you who to back for the World Cup – you’ll have your patriotic neighbour convinced that football is finally coming home, the purist who backs Spain to pass their way to glory and the fantasist who reckons the USA can shock the world and make history.

Our advice, don’t listen to them…instead, take ours!

Here are some excellent ways to make an educated decision on who to back for the World Cup, including some inspiration from some of the world’s best golfing destinations.

Look at the odds

As a golfer, this promotion is all about finding the balance between who you believe will win the World Cup and deciding where you actually want to book a golf holiday to.

So first things first, take a look at the odds; who are the favourites? who are outsiders? Use the bookies knowledge as a foundation to build yours and it will help narrow down your options.

By all means you can back Qatar, but 1000/1 tells you all you need to know as to their chances…

Route to glory

With a bit of research and some basic predictions, you can map out any one team’s route to World Cup glory. I mentioned earlier how two teams advance from each group, but what I didn’t mention is how the winner of each group will face the runner-up of another.

For example:

Group H consists of Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and Korea Republic. It is highly expected that Portugal will progress from this group. However, the runner-up in this group will face the winner of Group G, which could well be Brazil, something to think about if things don’t go Portugal’s way.

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