Top 10 happiest travel destinations in the world

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Club Med released its list of the top 10 happiest travel destinations in the world after compiling data from the 50 most visited tourist destinations.

The survey measured the cities based on nine metrics: crime, safety, pollution, cost of domestic beers, outdoor activities, day trips, spa and wellness centers, LGBTQ friendly, and the overall happiness of the individual cities on a scale of 0-100.

Although a U.S. city didn’t rank in the top spot, three did round out the list: Las Vegas, New Orleans, and San Francisco.

All three places made the top 10 list thanks to the fact that they offer a range of activities for visitors to take advantage of.

No. 1 happiest travel destination: Bali, Indonesia

Overall happiness score: 73.7

According to Club Med’s research, Bali was the most popular destination due to the spa and wellness centers it has to offer and all the outdoor activities opportunities available.

Following Bali, Las Vegas ranked as the second happiest travel destination because of all the outdoor activities. The Nevada city also had a high safety score and got a 67.1 on the happiness scale.

The third city on the list was New Orleans, which scored the highest on the LGBTQ+ friendliness scale and got a 67.1 on the happiness index.

Top 10 happiest travel destinations in the world

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