These 8 Resorts In Costa Rica Are Worth The Flight

Visiting a tropical destination like Costa Rica ignites lots of aspirations from Surfing to whitewater rafting and wildlife. While these are great reasons to visit the country, there are not the only things that can inspire one to visit. Here are some resorts that are so appealing, that they are worth the flight alone.

8 The Spring Resort And Spa, Arenal

Located in Arena, the spring resort and spa offer a luxury experience for vacationers from its world-class dining to its full-service spa. Its location in a remote part of Arena, surrounded by dense forest ensures vacationers are always met with a natural atmosphere and views of the magnificent Arenal Volcano. At the Springs Resort and Spa, vacationers will have access to a wide range of amenities which include – Free Wi-Fi, several hot springs, a restaurant, bars, a fitness center, and a spa. Besides the luxury one can enjoy at the resort, there’s also a has a huge list of outdoor activities to enjoy in the area which includes – hiking and wildlife watching.

7 Andaz Costa Rica Resort, Peninsula Papagayo

Andaz Costa Rica Resort is located at Peninsula Papagayo near Culebra and is one of the best places to enjoy the natural appeal of Costa Rica. From most of the resort’s spacious rooms, one can easily see the mesmerizing views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the surrounding lush forests. The resort features a spa, pools, and several restaurants that offer luxury dining experiences. Just a few meters from the resort is a beach where visitors can relax or take a swim. Outdoor activities such as – fishing, hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking can be enjoyed around the area for those seeking a more adventurous vacation at this remote resort.

6 Fiesta Resort All Inclusive, Puntarenas

Fiesta Resort is a convincing definition of a beachfront vacation. This beautiful all-inclusive resort located near the city of Puntarenas is equipped with air-conditioned rooms, a spa, restaurants, bars, and several outdoor pools surrounded by tall palm trees. The resort’s strategic location in the middle of a dense jungle and in front of a charming beach ensures that guests always feel the tropical atmosphere while enjoying the gorgeous views from their luxurious rooms. There are many ways to begin an ideal day at Fiesta Resort but one of the most unforgettable can begin with – a delicious meal at one of the restaurants, sweating out at a gym, playing some golf or tennis, or heading over to the spa for a massage before taking a dip in one of the resort’s numerous swimming pools.

5 Nayara Springs, La Fortuna de San Carlos

Like a piece of diamond in a haystack, this luxurious resort is located deep in a dense jungle near the magnificent Arenal volcano. Nayara Springs is best suited for romance and privacy which is why it is an adult-only resort. The resort features luxurious and private rooms, each having a huge list of amenities as well as individual pools. Part of the resort’s appeal is its hidden location in a dense jungle. Nayara Springs is so choked up by natural vegetation that one can literally stretch out a hand and touch some leaves from their window. In front of the resort is a footbridge which is also the main access route and walking on this bridge is a unique experience. The spa, fitness center, and large outdoor pool all combine to make this resort a truly hidden gem best suited for couples.

4 Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, Peninsula Papagayo

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica combines world-class amenities with natural appeal. A vacation at this resort in Peninsula Papagayo can be described as a luxury experience away from civilization. The resort’s appeal begins from its unique location on a narrow coastline in between two sandy beaches with amazing views of dense jungles and the Ocean from both sides. The resort features amenities ranging from air-conditioned rooms and fully equipped bathrooms to multiple swimming pools, and restaurants offering a wide range of international dishes. With a spa, fitness center, and the natural appeal of this place, visitors are sure to enjoy absolute relaxation as well as a wide range of outdoor activities.

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3 Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort & Spa, La Fortuna

Nothing screams relaxation as much as having a dip in a thermal pool surrounded by a lush forest. This is what a vacation at Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort feels like. The resort located in La Fortuna is endowed with several natural hot springs and pools where visitors can relax and enjoy the garden atmosphere. The resort features luxurious rooms equipped with air conditioning, internet access, entertainment, and all needed to make guests feel at home including well-equipped bathrooms. Its location close to Arenal Volcano will have visitors enjoying views of the volcano from their accommodations or at some parts of the pools not completely covered by the beautiful vegetation.

2 JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa, Guanacaste

A beautiful white sand beach lies right in front of this magnificent resort located in Guanacaste. But besides that, some of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica such as Tamarindo beach and Flamingo beach are located nearby. While the beaches are some of this resort’s appeal, they are not the resort’s only appealing features. Visitors to this gigantic resort will be met with 6 restaurants, 2 spa tubs, a golf course, and one of the largest swimming pools in the world. The hundreds of spacious rooms and suites in the resort are soundproofed and equipped with air conditioners, free Wi-Fi, and bathrooms with tubs and showers. For some adventures, unique outdoor activities such as Ziplining, kayaking, camping, wildlife watching, and surfing can be done nearby. Imagine getting a soothing massage in front of a beautiful beach with sounds of relaxing sea waves and views of sunsets – that’s one of the numerous experiences one can enjoy at JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa.

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1 La Paloma Lodge, Osa Peninsula

A stay at La Paloma Lodge is best described as a nature vacation. This clifftop resort located in a remote part of Osa Peninsula overlooks the Pacific Ocean, offering unparalleled views of the magnificent water body. But that’s not all. With surrounding lush forests and a huge population of birds, the resort is truly rich with nature. The accommodation at the resort is limited to 4 rooms and 7 bungalows which promise a luxurious and tropical experience with mesmerizing views of the jungle and the Ocean as well as sights of stunning wildlife. With Corcovado National Park nearby, visitors will have a long list of outdoor activities to enjoy from kayaking to hiking, scuba diving, and even horseback riding.

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