The Luxury of Slow Travel

I have fond memories of a trip I took to Zanzibar a few years ago. After what felt like a string of activity-packed holidays, I decided to approach this one differently. My mood—and the unhurried pace of life on the island, located off the coast of Tanzania—dictated the itinerary. A friend and I took walks to the beach and talked about everything from horoscopes to heartache. We took our time at the fruit stalls, chatting with vendors and marveling at the fragrant mangoes. We befriended an auntie who, over spiced tea, told us stories of colorful characters in Stone Town. A week later, I had morphed into an improved version of myself, my shoulders unhunched and my face more prone to smiling.

We’ve dedicated the latest issue of AFAR to stories of slow, ambitious journeys that allow us to understand ourselves and the world in a deeper, more thoughtful way. Contributing writer Emma John travels for a month via train through nine countries, searching for what it means in 2022 to be European. Jessica Camille Aguirre explores brushing the edge of space in a gentle, nearly carbon-neutral way. Writer Andrew Findlay and photographer Kari Medig bicycle through Jordan, a young country layered with centuries of history. And we unveil our 2022 Travel Vanguard honorees: 10 visionary organizations and companies dedicated to changing how we travel, from diversifying who flies airplanes to making hotels more accessible to all.

What journeys do you hope to take in the next year? I’d love to hear from you. Please find me on Instagram @sarika008.