The Crowned Experience is a luxury travel concierge business

BROCKTON – Tucked away along the Yucatan Peninsula and facing east towards the Caribbean Sea is a place with lush jungles, fresh mojitos, and business opportunities that one Brockton woman took back home.

Kayla Tolentino, spent time rubbing her toes in warm sand beaches and immersing herself in the culture while mingling with the locals.

While on vacation in Tulum, Mexico, the young traveler found a new business idea and developed The Crowned Experience, a luxury travel planning, and concierge business.

During this time, she connected with several vendors and other business owners with luxury travel businesses.

These networking opportunities solidified her idea that creating a travel concierge business like theirs could become Tolentino’s reality.

Throughout her life, the Brockton resident always had inquiries about how she plans her trips.

Mainly due to her jam-packed itinerary seen on social media by her followers.

Tolentino plans every moment of her trip filled with excursions, fancy dinners and adrenaline-fueled fun.

Kayla Tolentino of Brockton, owner of The Crowned Experience, a luxury travel planning and concierge business, enjoys a vacation to Tulum, Mexico on Sept. 2, 2022. Tulum is where Tolentino was inspired to create her luxury travel business after networking and spending time with the locals.

“Prior to launching my business, I always had an interest in planning trips intricately. It’s always sparked my curiosity. A lot of people were interested in how detailed my trips were thought and planned out. They wanted me to do the same for them,” Tolentino said.

As a client, you start the travel service process by filling out a questionnaire about your ideal trip and location. Then Tolentino contacts you directly and builds your perfect vacation.