Six college golf courses worth seeking out for a golf trip

Taconic Golf Club at Williams College, with a mountain backdrop.

A day trip to college courses like Williams College’s Taconic Golf Club are worthy add-ons to a golf getaway.

College golf is a grind. 36-hole tournament days, 5:45 a.m. range sessions before class, and cutthroat qualifying rounds against teammates that extend into dusk: If you have a former or current collegiate golfer in your life, you’ve heard it all. As a college player, one of the places you’ll spend the most hours is your school’s home course. Many college teams practice at local country clubs or public golf courses in their area, however, lucky squads have access to their very own campus-operated track. Either way, its contours and undulations become etched in your mind as you and your teammates become familiar with every blade of grass during daily practices.