Luxury Travel: What a Million-Dollar Vacation Looks Like

Asoka Elon

With a million-dollar budget, you can experience sleeping underwater at your own private villa in The Maldives.

“The Conrad’s two-level, first-of-its-kind luxury villa offers not only panoramic above-sea island views, but also stunning under-the-sea views too,” said Inspired Travel Group’s Riddle. “Located more than 16 feet below sea level in The Maldives, the Muraka is a true luxury treat for the senses. Under the sea, accessible by elevator, you will enter your private underwater aquarium, ready to retreat to as you so desire. Enjoy the 180-degree curved acrylic dome views over your palatial king bed, along with floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the bathroom and closet.

“Then for a change of scenery, upstairs offers an integrated space for living, dining, sleeping and entertaining, along with an expansive deck complete with a stunning infinity pool for prime sunset viewing.”

The amenities are also top-of-the-line.

“Your luxury experience at the Muraka includes a private butler and chef, an on-call fitness trainer and spa treatments, tailored experiences and two jet skis — the ultimate in fun, relaxation, indulgence and pampering on this glorious sun-soaked atoll in The Maldives,” Riddle said.

Rates start at $9,999 per night, so you can afford an extended stay when you have $1 million to play with.

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