Juliana Poses With Bare Baby Bump In Rare IG Photos

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90 Day Fiancé season 7 star Juliana Custodio wowed fans with her new IG post showing off her bare baby bump from her first child with boyfriend Ben.

Star of 90 Day Fiancé, Juliana Custodio, who’s currently pregnant with boyfriend Ben Obscura’s baby, revealed her bump to fans in a rare Instagram photo. 25-year-old Juliana is currently in Germany after having separated from her husband Michael Jessen. Juliana had met Michael during a party in Croatia and when her tourist visa was denied, the couple filed for a K-1 visa, which led to her moving to the U.S. Juliana and Michael married in 90 Day Fiancé season 7 amidst the show portraying her as a gold digger. But Juliana claimed she was the one who financially supported Michael, his kids, his ex-wife, and the ex-wife’s husband during the pandemic.


Fans used to love watching Juliana’s interactions with the blended family on her Instagram during the pandemic. What they didn’t expect was Juliana and Michael would separate just two years after their October 2019 wedding. While the timeline of how Juliana met baby daddy Ben is not clear, she revealed she was pregnant just a month after announcing her split with Michael. Since then, Juliana has been staying in Europe, continuing to work as a model, and going on romantic vacations with Ben, who she’s supposedly engaged to. Her 415k-plus Instagram followers love to give her company in her journey to motherhood as Juliana awaits the arrival of her baby this summer.

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Juliana often reaches out to her fans to ask them questions about pregnancy, and once, even alarmed them by saying her baby wasn’t kicking or moving. But Juliana and the baby are healthy and well now, as the proud mama-to-be documented in her recent Instagram post. Juliana captioned her photos with “Updated Po-las” and made fans happy with how stunning she’s looking with the pregnancy glow. Dressed in black lingerie with her dark hair down her back, Juliana effortlessly posed for the self-timer photos and proved why she’s a professional model.

90 Day Fiance Juliana Custodio

A curious fan asked Juliana how many weeks she is into the pregnancy. Juliana told them 30 weeks. Some fans speculated that Juliana is having a baby daughter by looking at her pics. However, in February, Juliana and Ben had revealed the sex of their first baby by hosting a small and happy party with friends. Juliana is expecting a baby boy. She’s also revealed that the baby will be called Benjamin, just like his dad. In a few stories that Juliana shared earlier today, she was seen telling her Instagram friends that she did a 4D scan and little Benjamin even looks like a “mini copy” of Ben.

Juliana has been joking about how she’s the one to carry the baby for months only for him to look like the father. While Juliana may be making pregnancy look like an easy task on social media, she has also been struggling in reality. Being a model, her weight increase has posed problems for 90 Day Fiancé fan-favorite Juliana who wishes to return to work soon. She has also been dealing with headaches and back pain. However, Juliana says that everything is worth it because she has a little angel waiting for her in the end. Fans are happy that Juliana has created a better life for herself after her dreadful 90 Day Fiancé relationship and can’t wait to say hello to Juliana and Ben’s bonny boy.

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Source: Juliana Custodio/Instagram

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