9 Luxury Trips That Are Cheaper Than You Think

One of the best cities in the country for concerts, events, gambling and never-ending nightlife is Las Vegas. In addition to its world-class casinos and entertainment, this city also offers travelers endless enjoyment opportunities at an affordable price point.

“Honestly, Las Vegas is a chameleon for your vacation and it can do so much,” said Bryan Mullennix, owner of Feeling Vegas, a travel guide to the best deals in Las Vegas. “Flights can be affordable to Vegas because there are so many flights, there are some amazing hotels to stay in and certain events — like residence concerts and other shows that have a high budget — are quite enjoyable.”

Additionally, the elegant hotels and lodging in this city will make you feel like a celebrity without charging extravagant prices.

“Famous luxurious hotels like the Bellagio cost only about $200 a night and will make you feel like a rockstar as you spend time in its facility,” Mullennix said. “Casinos spend lots of money to make sure their facilities are high-end, and some of the best shows in the world live there. It’s a great spot to plan a luxury vacation and you can do it affordably.”