8 Best Solo Travel Destinations In France For 2022

If you don’t know by now, France is a great travel destination with so much to see and do. For solo travelers looking to traipse about this stunning country, you’ll be glad to know that France is a solo traveler’s paradise no matter the time of year. With an abundance of must-see attractions, boutique accommodations, and user-friendly public transportation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check out France this year. That said, to assist you in your solo exploration, here are the eight best solo travel destinations in France for 2022.

8 Nice

Located just off the water, Nice is the perfect solo vacation spot. Here, California vibes meet European influence, making for a lively city filled with markets, shopping, boardwalks, beaches, and more. Another perk is that Nice is also conveniently located next to the airport, which makes getting around much easier for solo explorers. Plus, there’s an abundance of amazing cities and attractions to check out in the South of France if you want to continue exploring this particular region. A recommended day trip from Nice to St. Tropez or a Mediterranean coastal sightseeing tour is a fantastic way to see more here this summer.

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7 Cannes

Cannes is another beautiful location in France for solo travel. In this resort town off the French Rivera, visitors can easily spend all day relaxing on stunning beaches and living the good life. In addition to lounging on the French Rivera, you can grab a delicious bite to eat at any of the fantastic restaurants in the area, indulge in world-renowned shopping, and then check out this city’s legendary nightlife scene. Of course, for those who prefer something a little different, there is always something going on in Cannes, usually in the way of festivals, especially in late summer or the fall. So, if you’re more of a festival-goer than a beach-goer, Cannes is still a great option to consider.

6 Alsace

Alsace is a wonderful spot to check out for those planning a solo trip to France later in the year, especially during the holiday season. Not only are the Christmas Markets in this part of Europe a must-see, but Alsace itself feels like a winter wonderland in December. Yet another perk of Alsace is the wines. While visiting, solo wanders should also make it a point to stop by the local castle and nearby beautiful villages. This particular area of France is a real treat, especially during this time, so be sure to get in on the holiday fun. That said, if you opt to make the journey to Alsace before the Christmas season, you can still enjoy all the beauty this place offers and, of course, all the wine.

5 Paris

Who doesn’t love the city of love and lights? Sure, you may think you need a travel buddy to truly enjoy Paris, but with delicious pastries, Michelin star restaurants, cafés, and more, Paris is the perfect place for not sharing half of your food with someone. Besides, Paris is the must-see city in France, and you haven’t truly traversed the globe if you haven’t visited this marvel at least once or twice. So check out the cool cafés, the Louvre (plus all the other museums in Paris), or simply get lost walking around the city. Not only is Paris super easy to get around thanks to its public transportation, but you can also take the train into or out of this destination with ease.

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4 Bordeaux

Wine lovers, especially red, can rejoice here. Bordeaux is essentially the heartland of good French red wine, and this city isn’t afraid to show it. While sampling your way through this delightful region, stop by La Cité du Vin, an actual museum entirely dedicated to the love and appreciation of wine. Of course, you don’t have to be passionate about wine or red wine for that matter to enjoy a little me time in Bordeaux. Instead, you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this French city any time of the year and admire the surrounding area/countryside.

3 Colmar

A staple on Conde Nast’s list of the ten most beautiful towns in France, Colmar is a gorgeous solo destination that needs to be checked off your bucket list. Known as the likely inspiration for Belle’s village in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Colmar is a little town and a quiet village that you can easily explore in a few days. While visiting, make sure you add these items to your itinerary: stop by Petite Venise, check out St. Martin’s Church, see the works at Musee Bartholdi, marvel at the Pfister House paintings, and visit one of Colmar’s unique attractions—a Statue of Liberty.

2 Normandy

For history buffs, Normandy is an excellent choice. Here, solo travelers can learn all about this destination’s history in World War II, D-Day, and the famous Mont Saint Michel. But that’s not all; the one thing Normandy isn’t short on is history. So visitors will have more than a few things to see and do. It is worth noting, however, that this excellent solo vaca spot is at its best during the summer months—so make sure you plan accordingly. Here, wanders can make this history haven a day trip from Paris and get the best of both worlds. Other activities to partake in while visiting include seeing Claude Monet’s House and Garden and checking out the stunning view at the Etretat Cliffs.

1 Corsica

Finally, for solo travelers looking for it all and then some, Corsica offers something for everyone, including over 2,500+ native species of wildflowers. So if you want to spend all your time at the beach, sampling the best regional vintage, or simply want to know all there is about this country’s past, Corsica won’t disappoint. Not only is this famed city the birthplace of Napoleon, but it is also home to some of the world’s fanciest beach resorts with out-of-this-world cuisine plus free-flowing beachside cocktails and unctuous wines. Known as a French island with an Italian soul, foodies will feel right at home. Like so many islands, Corsica has an independent character and culture all to its own, which should speak to the solo traveler in all of us and definitely makes it worth exploring.