6 Caribbean vacations for every travel style

For locals in Barbados, “everyone seems like they want to have a good time,” Haynes says. For evidence, she points to the fish fry, a big street party with food, drinks and dancing that takes place every Friday in the town of Oistins. She also likes that there is a diverse spread of nightlife options, from clubs bumping house music to more intimate jazz spots. If you time your trip right, you can visit for Barbados’s version of Carnival, called Crop Over. “It’s 24/7 parties,” Haynes says.

Dearmon recommends St. Barths, where “beach club reservations are almost as important as hotel reservations,” she says. Even though the party scene starts early in the day, the music plays late into the night.

“When the sun goes down, the DJs come out to play a set while you enjoy dinner at island offshoots of some of the most renowned French restaurants in the world,” she says. “After dinner, enjoy live music, nightclub vibes, or head back to a beach club for a nightcap before doing it all again the next day.”