10 Remote (But Tranquil) Places To Stay In Saskatchewan

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The charming Canadian province of Saskatchewan is home to some of the world’s most peaceful and tranquil places which you can visit.

It is not always a must to stay in a town for someone to enjoy their trip to a place. In some cases, finding a remote, peaceful place is better overall. It offers the guest a chance to relax, learn about the environment, and enjoy the moment. When visiting Saskatchewan, it is possible to find amazing places.

However, when visiting a new place, it is crucial to understand how to research such places to get the best offer. A visitor should consider accessibility, security of the area, availability of amenities, and the average cost. Considering the aforementioned factors will help find the best remote places as visitors choose the most important criteria

10 Ghosttown Blues

People visiting Ghosttown Blues should note that it is an incredibly remote place to visit and offers quality services for the guest experience. It is a destination located in a serene and quiet place where one can relax and avoid disturbances from the outside world. Staying at Ghosttown Blues is a chance to enjoy the special moments, especially for couples. It is a good place to visit for honeymoons and vacations. The destination is also located on a creek – offering visitors a very unique experience, as compared to others in the region.

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9 Milton Lake Lodge

When staying at Milton Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan, visitors have a chance to adventure. The location of the lodge enables visitors to explore the area and see beautiful nature sceneries as they access the lodge. It is a lodge next to the lake providing an amazing ambiance for the guests. It is a retreat area that offers a peaceful jungle-style environment away from the noise and activities of the city. One will be able to enjoy their vacation at this lodge with absolute privacy and peace.

8 Arctic Lodges

Arctic Lodges is a destination in the remote northeastern side of Saskatchewan. It is a getaway lodge with stunning experiences, especially the Reindeer Lake. For someone who wants to get away from the city noise and activities, this is the best place to visit. Visiting Arctic Lodges is a chance for real adventure and it is surrounded by the Canadian Boreal Forest. Because of this forest, the lodge offers a stunning experience of fresh air and peace. The natural surroundings of this lodge and dedication to a modernized fishing experience help attract guests. With the lodge offering fly-in services, it is easy for guests to access the lodge even though it is in a remote place.

7 Tate Island Lodge

Tate Island Lodge’s location is perfect for those remote getaways. It is an amazing lodge located in the northeastern part of Saskatchewan on Reindeer lake. Due to its strategic location, visitors can go there and spend as many days as they want – even with their families – without worrying. It is a lodge that is also very popular in fishing. For someone looking for a place to spend the weekend fishing with family, this is the right place. Tate Island Lodge has experienced guides that provide training on how to fish that is easy for adults and kids to understand. This resort also provides a variety of amenities such as spacious rooms, outdoor resting areas, internet, TV, and delicious food.

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6 Alive Sky Lodge

The accommodations at Alive Sky Lodge elevate the bar on what it means to be a cabin to a whole new level of luxurious comfort and convenience. For the summer months, this lodging house has a three-room lodge in the Coulee as well as plans for other unusual accommodations. It is separated into two portions on each side of the round container, with a comfortable all-in-one bedroom, living space, a second fireplace, and a laundry room. For entertainment, there is a front terrace with chairs, a two-person hot tub, and an outdoor fireplace. On a chilly winter night, the twinkling lights offer an added layer of coziness to this quiet setting, which is perfect for a romantic getaway.

5 Lost Creek Resort

It is an excellent choice for a private winter weekend away at Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park as the cottages have a modern country feel to them and are fully furnished. Probably the most convenient aspect is that the resort is directly near several cross-country ski trails in the national park.

4 Redwillow Outfitting

It’s difficult to find Redwillow Outfitting because it’s tucked away in a rural area. Since it’s so remote, there are no roads that travel this far into the forest. The only way to get to these chalets is via ATV or snowmobile, which is the only form of transportation around there. However, this is a good place for anyone who wants to be far away from technology and just savor the goodness of nature.

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3 Ness Creek

Ness Creek transforms into a winter paradise throughout the festival season. Their cabin has a wood-burning fireplace, making it the perfect place to enjoy a hot chocolate in very cold weather. In fact, for those who prefer to get their feet wet in the snow, it’s the ideal spot for a spin on the rink or exploring the groomed paths of the Boreal forest.

2 The Outerbanks

In the heart of the Fort a la Corne forest reserve, these luxurious vacation rental cottages line the banks of the Saskatchewan River. Among the riverfront homes offered for rent are six four-person cottages. Rental hot tubs are available for these cabins. People who stay at the cottages can enjoy several winter activities in the vicinity, including snowshoeing and ice fishing.

1 Land of the Loon Resort

One of the greatest nesting populations of loons in North America can be seen here in the Land of the Loon Resort which will probably make tourists feel at home while looking at the true beauty of the nature it offers.

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