Early Childhood Learning and Day Care...

The independent Yellow Springs public school system addresses the educational needs of children in grades K through 12. It consists of Mills Lawn Elementary, McKinney Middle School and Yellow Springs High School.

Each of these facilities provides individualized attention in low teacher-pupil ratio classrooms. They provide the dynamic educational experience needed for students to reach their fullest potential as individuals and as responsible members of the world community.

Complementing these public institutions is an array of alternative and private facilities, including the early childhood services of the Community Children’s Center. The Children's Center strives to provide children with a consistent daily rhythm, a safe and inviting environment, and age and developmentally appropriate, nourishing experiences.

The Antioch School, one of the oldest alternative schools in the country, was founded in 1921 by Arthur Morgan, then president of Antioch College. The Antioch School offers child-centered programs for nursery, kindergarten, and traditional grade school ages in mixed-age groups.

Near the Village is the Greene County Career Center, which provides quality
career-technical and academic instruction for over 550 high school and 4000 adult students annually.

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