About exploreyellowsprings.com...

is a Yellow Springs Community Information Project (CIP) Partnership Project.

In 2002, the James A. McKee Association agreed to be the managing sponsor of the Community Information Project (CIP); an initiative to promote the many positive aspects of visiting, living, learning and working in Yellow Springs, and to restore the population and job level.

The CIP Project Plan outlined a series of partnership projects, which included the development of this website. The site is intended to be a Community Portal bringing viewers the best of information relating to the Yellow Springs Community by providing key information about Yellow Springs, as well as, links to where that information exists in Yellow Springs many innovative public and commercial websites.

For more information on the Community Information Project, click the following link... Community Information Project (CIP).

The Community Information Project (CIP) "Final Report" has been issued. Read the report (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).




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